Romeo Juliet 2.0 (2020) New Released Hindi Movie | Hansika Motwani

Romeo Juliet 2.0 Aishwarya as Hansika and Kartik as Jayam Ravi Aishwarya assuming he is a rich guy, but one day she realizes that he is just a gym Trainer, she Broke up with him and decide to get married to a rich guy Arjun as Vamsi Krishna. His Ex.Kartik standing in her way and warn to break her relationship with Arjun, Kartik Friend Aishwarya is forced to find a suitable girl for Kartik and finds Nisha as Poonam Bajwa for him. His friend Aishwarya soon gets disturbed with the rich lifestyle given by Arjun. In a temple, Kartik tells her that his engagement with Nisha is going to happen the night before Valentine’s Day. this time, Arjun booked the flight of London with Aishwarya and Aishwarya. On the night Aishwarya is supposed to leave, she realizes that she does not want to live this kind of robotic life with Arjun and tells him she loves Kartik. She goes to the place where Kartik and Nisha are going to get engaged. She professes her love but Kartik refuses and leaves the place with Nisha, but then a song plays, and Kartik reveals all of this is a play orchestrated by Nisha and him to make Aishwarya realize her mistake and her love for him. The story ends with Kartik and Aishwarya reunited.

Star Cast-

    • Hansika Motwani as Aishwarya (Subbulakshmi)
    • Jayam Ravi as Kartik
    • Vamsi Krishna as Arjun
    • Poonam Bajwa as Nisha
    • Uma Padmanabhan as Karthik’s mother
    • Madhumila as Priya
    • Shreya Gupta as Shaniya
    • Bhawana Aneja
    • Mathew Varghese as Arjun’s relative
    • VTV Ganesh as VTV Ganesh
    • Arya as Himself (Guest Appearance) 


    • Directed by Lakshman


    • Produced by S. Nanthagopal


    • Written by Lakshman
      • Starring Hansika Motwani
      • Jayam Ravi


    • Music by D. Imman


    • Cinematography Soundararajan


    • Edited by Anthony


    • Production company



    • Madras Enterprises


    • Distributed by Cosmo Village


    • Antenna Entertainments (Malaysia)


    • Release date
      • 12 June 2015


    • Running time

      150 minutes


    • country India
      • Language in Tamil and dubbed in hindi

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